Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bird Sighting

  The other day, I went out to the garage to grab something. As some of you may know, we have a lot of plants and trees at our backyard and garage area. You can check out what the backyard looks like in this post I made before from one my Notes From My Personal Life.

 After I got my stuff, there was this bird that landed on our gumamela (hibiscus) plant. I took a double take because the bird was bigger than our common brown birds here, it had a much lighter brown color- almost beige- longer tailfeather, and it had a striped face. A few seconds later, it flew away. I told my mom about it and she asked me to make a sketch from memory. So this is what the bird looked like. Does anyone know what sort of specie this bird is?

  I know that there are different species of birds  at the bamboo field beyond the wall of our backyard but this is the first time I've seen any of them. Well, maybe except for that lone white duck that was floating about the river.

Mom's comment: "The bird looks like Zorro!"


  1. Does the bird looks like this? I found this on the net because I got curious. haha! :)

    1. Hi Karen! Wow, this is close to it. :D Most likely? Though I think the stripes on the bird's face was darker.

  2. was it like this? if this is what your talkin about it a native bird here in phil.

    isn't tarat?

    or probably a woodpecker?

    if still doesnt looks like check this

    i got confused on what you saw hahah i do love birds and exotic pets thats why! i guess

    1. Hi Andrew! Thanks for the links, it's a tarat! :D They're just flying about just beyond our backyard lol.

    2. hahah..i knew it.. :) keep on sighting!


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