Monday, February 11, 2013

Notes From My Personal Life #24: Awesome Blogs

         As much as I love reading fashion blogs, I also like my daily dose of personal, smart, witty, hilarious and heartfelt blog posts. I also like blogs that also gives me insight on social issues, art, TV shows, and causes worth pursuing. So I rounded up my fave blogs. Me thinks you'll enjoy checking them out. :D

Confessions of A Cashier. 
 The title says it all. This cashier blogs about annoyances in her life- some shocking, but most of them hilarious- in her job such as customers, gas prices, fellow coworkers, and more annoying customers.

The Society of Honor by Joe America
  The American blogger going by the pseudonym Joe America is a retired banking executive who has settled in the Philippines since 2005. He blogs about his observations and fascination with Philippine society- specifically in the political aspect. His posts gives me much needed food for thought about our culture and how our politics run in the government. Feel free to disagree with his viewpoints in the comments section- the man loves a good argument and likes the learning process in it.

Word Vomit by Nonito Cabrera
  I immensely enjoy reading this blog because not only is it well-written, humorous, and informative, Cabrera can blog about the most intimate things without isolating the reader and his adventures consist of getting a tattoo, awesome food, traveling, movies, fashion and even his experiences with public transportation. On a random note, I love his tattoo which is based from the children's book The Giving Tree. It's one of the best children's book I've ever read ohmyglob.

ANNAlysis by Anna Oposa
  Anna was probably a mermaid in one of her past lives judging by her love of the ocean and the species that live in it. She also travels a lot to educate the people about marine conservation and is very passionate in what she does ( I mean, holy kamote, would you look at her resume). She blogs about life in general aside from her advocacy. She's co-founder of Save Philippine Seas. So if you're curious about marine conservation, sharks, and how to do your part in saving our oceans, do drop by her blog!

Coffee and Keystrokes by Patrick Razo
   Patrick's blog is smart, funny, and witty. His thoughts and musings about relationships, the friendzone, politics, and his favorite TV shows never fails to make me LOL as they all ring with truth (and relevance in mah life omg). His blog covers a broad range of topics (some are just random things but hey, totes awesome) but rest assured you'll never get bored. Since it's the month of luuuurve, do check out his Valentines anthology

The Perfect Swish by Neelesh Sajnani
    Neelesh is an Indian dude who grew up in the Philippines and had just started his blog early February. But I can tell already it'll be one of my favorite blogs.

Rules of A Third Wheel by Olivia Sylvia
  Olivia's a fashionista-in-training who loves to write,  write, write. When she's not blogging about fashion finds, she blogs about writing, literature, and life lessons. For the writers at heart and writer-to-be, read up on her tips and writing exercises.

WinaWonders by Wina Puangco
    Wina's blog posts are short and sweet. It's a mix of fashion, beauty and make-up finds, book finds, and her love for indie music. She also has a knack for finding unique and charming restaurants and cafe's in the city's nooks and crannies (most of the time by accident LOL). For fashionistas and book nerds, do check it out.

Everyday Isa by Isa Garcia
  What I love about Isa's blog posts is that not only are they encouraging, heartfelt and inspiring, there's a bittersweet, poetic factor going on as she talks about life lessons, choices, relationships, and being in your 20's. It's honest and insightful. Her blog posts are beautifully written so y'all need to check it out, 'kay?

And that's it for my first batch of awesome blogs to read. I hope you'll enjoy them and maybe follow them as well? :D Honestly, I had no idea what to blog about today so I was like, "goddamit, I'll just blog about blogs I read." These are all personal blogs, a mish-mash of everything and their opinion on anything.



    Thank you! :) You surprised me because I just clicked on this post thinking you could give me ideas of more blogs to follow so I did not expect my name here.

    hugs. I MISS JOOOOO!

    1. LOL YOU'RE WELCOME. I miss you too! Keep blogging, I do enjoy reading your posts. BEAR HUGS


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