Monday, February 18, 2013

Notes From My Personal Life #25: Painting and Hijabs

So I've been busy.
  I'm pretty sure I started drawing first before I learned how to write. My mom would pop a "How To Draw" video for kids in the VCR player. And after that, I was greatly influenced by Disney movies and started drawing stick figures of mermaids and girls which then evolved in going to art workshops every summer.

  I was burned out with all the workshops I juggled in grade school (art, ballet, violin, omg what were my parents thinking) that I refused to make another artwork until I was a freshman in high school.

Still need to put more details on the flowers.

  I started off with oil pastels on felt paper. Then I experimented with acrylic and oil paints. I just reeeally love colors so much. Especially when I start combining them.

Intoxicated with details.
So this painting I'm working on will probably take me another week or two. I've resolved to pursue my art projects more seriously because a.) I badly need to update my portfolio and b.) if I can sell my paintings and artworks soon, I can save up enough for a summer workshop with the wonderful Fernando Sena.

So help me God.

Oh btw guise, you can check out my FB page dedicated to my art works at the linkedy-link on the upper right panel of this blog. :D Feel free to "like" it.


 I've been practicing wearing hijabs and turbans in various ways.  It's cray.  Like I have this urge to go out and buy all sorts of headscarves but I'm broke LOL. Someday.

My mom isn't crazy about my obsession with hijabs/turbans but she did give me a pashmina scarf that she's stored somewhere in the house for ages since she wasn't sure how or where to use it. So BAM. I used it as a turban. Note: pashmina scarves are a little too warm to wear in this weather.

Also, I'm happy that my hijab skills are improving a bit.

For those who missed it, if you want to know more about the historical and cultural background of hijabs plus its relevance in Muslim culture, check my blog post: Going Hijabi.

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