Monday, February 25, 2013

Notes From My Personal Life #26: Some Random Things

I don't take selfies seriously

I totally do not regret learning how to wear scarves as turbans/hijabs. I got this cool turban look by accident and unfortunately, I'm not sure how to do it again. Ran errands in this outfit last week. It earned me a 50% discount for my buko juice at the buko stall in our local mall. Thanks, kuya manong. And yes folks, that's a MyPhone I'm using.

  Finally got a manicure after what seemed like forevaaaaar. I usually go for dramatic or loud colors but this time I decided to tone it down with a Bobbie nude pink color. Sorreh guys, I wasn't able to check the bottle for the proper name color for this. Also, I'm glad the manicurists at David Salon knew what they were doing. My mom had me get a manicure in this rather seedy salon in the city. I ended up with a bleeding cuticle and crappy nail paint job to match.


Significant progess for my painting has been made!! It will probably be done next week.  After this, I shall move on to make a few art pieces for Neil Gaiman's Calendar of Tales. Anyone in the field of visual arts should check it out! I had to recover from an iffy stomach sickness so it was really hard to get my momentum back. Will post pictures of my progress soon. Within the week, hopefully.


  Went to Manaoag to hear mass. And it was horrible. None of  us- and I mean NOT ONE OF US- had no clue what the priest was saying. We just knew he was delivering his sermon in English and Tagalog and it was pretty obvious that everyone else was physically present because they're obligated to just sit there and listen.

God help us.

 I asked my mom, "are we actually going to sit through this?" To make a long story short, we were just there pretending to know whatever he's talking about. I couldn't believe we had to suffer through that. What was more amazing to me was people were pretending the whole time. They're just in church for show that they're attending church, not because they're after the message of God. The priest sounded like there was food stuck in his throat. The monotone of it all didn't help.

 To top off the service, there was blessing with holy water. People were actually pushing and shoving just to have water on them. Which proves all the more that people had no idea what the ritual is really about- and that you don't really need to be dowsed with holy water to receive the priest's blessings. Unless you're being baptized, God knows you don't need a pinch of that water. It doesn't do anything. People seem to think it has miraculous properties of some sort.

 Seminarians should require their students to a.) take up a voice or speech workshop and b.) to discuss the esoteric meaning or at least the symbolism of customs and rituals they perform to their followers. I mean, guys if you're going to preach about good works and the good news of Jesus and the other prophets, at least make us feel the passion and enthusiasm for it.

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  1. (1) YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!! :) Please where a hijab/turban when I see you next. hahaha :D and yayyy for kuya manong and his discount!

    (2) Yay for momentum and boo for ze stomach virus!!

    (3) D: why is the church. :/


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