Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rob Cham's "01"

01 by Rob Cham

So I was suppose to publish this post-BLTX. I've already drafted this blog post out but never really could put in words how fuckin' relevant this comic is to my pathetic artistic existence. It's a simple and heartfelt biographical account of the artist coming to terms with defining himself as an artist as well as his love for comics.



While I do prefer to read comics than make them, this indie work particularly stuck to me because I can relate to his childhood and high school years with great accuracy (and until now the first thing I do when I get a newspaper is to go through the comics section). Plus, it's got funny moments and heartwrenching bits that I think most artists can relate to.

Rob, if you're reading this, I know the rage feels of some motherfucker vandalizing your work and being dubbed as an artist in high school and having to go through those art contests (why the cliche' abstract style is always picked as a winning piece, I'll never know). Yes, I'm biased. This however does not mean I don't appreciate being awarded Artist of The Year in my high school graduation.

If y'all curious and want to read this brilliant piece, check out Rob Cham's Tumblr (where you'll also find the download links to his comic- FOR FREE).

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