Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bottled Water: The Ugly Truth

"Bottled water is the most environmentally responsible consumer product in the world."
-Nestle magazine ad

     This is one of the reasons why we need socially and environmentally responsible corporations that don't try to "manufacture demand". We are trashing our own environment, killing a lot of land and sea creatures, using up so much energy because we- the consumers- demand this measly product that isn't any better than tap water? I think this should also apply to other bottled drinks in the market. If bottled water can have this much impact on the environment, imagine the impact of canned drinks, straws, plastic bags, plastic cups.

We are so brainwashed about bottled water that it has become a common misconception that it's better than tap. Unless your water source is badly polluted, tap is as good as bottled water. Without the mark-up and the misleading ads.

Now that I think about it, local media also manufactures demand- thus the crappy teleseryes, bad scriptwriting, and mediocre talent. But that will be for another blog post in the future.

Have the conscience to bring your own tumblrs/ water bottle when you go out in the summer heat, just in case.

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