Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hair Thoughts

Today, I traded my long locks for an A-line bob cut.

Totes no regrets.

 I've learned that if you're going to get a dramatically different haircut, it's better when you go through the transition alone or with a friend. Because when my mom and relatives found out I wanted a bob, they acted as if they were the ones getting a haircut. "But you look beautiful with long hair!"

Why yes, the reason I want to get a bob cut is because I want to look butt ugly and make it as a middle finger to society to stop dictating what I do with my hair.

Pre-haircut look.
 Anyway, I've been thinking of getting a bob cut for the longest time. It's actually bucket-listed somewhere. I did some research on a lot of short hairstyles and decided to settle for an A-line bob cut Keira Knightley-style:
Image from
Apart from the hair, I love those cheekbones.

I'm not really too attached to my hair so there wasn't much drama when the stylist tied my hair in a low ponytail and proceeded to cut off the length.

I'm gonna save up on so much shampoo.
 During the time the stylist cut off my ponytail however, it seems my mom was more emotionally attached to my hair than I was, as she even took a video of the entire ordeal and was making sure I knew she disapproved of my decision. Oh well paper.

 I have to say the stylist (bless him, too bad I forgot to ask his name) really took on the challenge of getting the cut I want for my hair and following what I'd like to happen. I've been to a few salons and most of the time the stylists tend to impose their own idea of what looks good on me and more often than not, I feel like crap when I walk out the salon.

So I asked him to cut my hair at shoulder length first and gradually shorten it as we go along just to see how the style will turn out. If it's as good as I thought, we'll take the risk of cutting it shorter. If it's not great at all, then at least my hair can grow out faster from the shoulder length. I showed him snapshots of Keira Knightley's bob to give him a solid idea of the look I want. He got the style and I decided that it would be better shorter.

 After almost an hour of the stylist diligently working on my hair, I was quite happy with the results.

Summer look.
  My hours of research comparing one style against the other- while considering many physical factors and features- totally paid off. And it does help if you bring a picture of a hairstyle you like instead of trying to describe the haircut you want like a five-year-old. It makes things easier between you and your stylist. I appreciated that the stylist also took his time and effort on my hair even when he had to go back and forth between me and another client. I was also glad that he didn't question me or comment on what would look better. I may have over-tipped him today. Thank you, kind sir.

 I may not look like Keira Knightley but oooh lala, I am in love with my new hairdo.

I'm feelin' sexy and free.

My bro says I look like Angeline from the teleserye Temptation of Wife. He now keeps asking me why I have such a complicated relationship with Nigel. Then we proceed to reenact some scenes like a couple of idiots. Hey don't judge, we don't have cable and sometimes nothing's happening in the interwebs.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :))) I was just watching Temptation of Wife!! You do look like her. :D And you are beautiful!!

    1. "Pero mahal na mahal ko si Nigel!!"

      HAHAHA thanks Winabelles. 8D

  2. Dear Overly Attached Nanay,

    It's your daughter's hair. And as much as I understand your sentiment/attachment to her hair, it's still her hair though. Excuse me pero ang ganda niya kaya.


    Hair grows.

    1. Lol awhile ago my mom was all "it's like you're another person." Me: Oo. Ako si Angeline. Hindi ko kayang iwan si Nigel. Mahal ko siya at ang pamilya niya. *cue dramatic close-up*

  3. COOL GIRL. :D You look fierce. :D


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