Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hijabi updates.

Poster by Young Moro Professionals Network

 One of my fellow coursemates told me about this hijab run and while I believe I'm physically out of shape lately and my stamina needs more work, I couldn't resist saying YEAH LET'S DO EET. Muslim sisters, I got yo' back!

 At this point, I need to start working out to build up my strength and stamina again just so I wouldn't wuss out before the finish line. I think the most I've achieved in running is reaching almost 5km around UP.
 I could wear a hijab in this run but I wonder how comfortable that would be. I'm gonna need a lot of pins. And maybe a cotton headscarf.

  Btw, anyone can join this run! Male or female. Even children (as long as they're accompanied by a parent/guardian). Note: Muslim women are encouraged to wear a pink veil. Registration of P100, what're you guys waiting for?


And while we're on the topic of veils, I managed to buy a new scarf from Robinson's Department Store at Trinoma the other day. My mom was busy looking at shoes while I scoured the scarf and accessories area. The quality headscarves I could find range from P200-P500 apiece, depending on the design and fabric. It was cray. Scarves at upscale boutiques were P500-P900. The cheapest ones I could find ranged P130-P180.

Scarf as turban. Hey look Wina, I wore the blouse you gave me lol.

Fortunately, I came across this scarf with designed with polka-dots and blossoms for P189.

At this point I realized that if I was going to integrate hijabi fashion in my life, I had to create a separate budget just for headscarves. Oh well.


  1. I dunno, just a random opinion, wearing a headscarf doesn't suit you.

  2. I like your headscarves. They're very pretty and pretty on you. ^^

  3. Thank you, Eri. :) hugs for thee!

  4. YAYYYYYY! :D YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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