Thursday, March 28, 2013

Notes From My Personal Life #28: Summer

My li'l bro planted these

     Summer has officially begun! It has come to the point that I sometimes lie on the cold tile floor just to beat the summer heat and we don't have to boil water whenever we take a bath because the climate does it for us.


Summer nails
     Had my nails done after what seemed like ages. I love this neon orange color. It definitely is a mood-booster. I've been feeling down in the dumps lately for some reason. It's scary when your feelings are so heavy that it nearly cripples your mental processes and getting out of bed is a constant struggle. And social anxiety omg. I mean, I'm already done with my huge painting (will post a pic once I get my photographer friend to shoot it professionally) and I'm already working on other art pieces. I guess this only means I have to integrate myself gradually into society and my social life again. Sometimes, I just don't understand life. Or maybe I'm officially in a quarter-life crisis? Gahd.

 So far, to keep myself from drowning in misery, I just Coursera my time, paint,  and watch movies. I have to keep moving.


And now a little poetic nugget from a fellow sapiosexual, Tyler Knott Gregson


Source: via Joelle on Pinterest

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  1. You know, sometimes I don't understand life too. But I love your nails! :)

    1. Thank you! :) Maybe life is just what it is. HAHA what I don't make sense anymore.


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