Monday, March 18, 2013

Notes From My Personal Life #28

I'm not really a morning person. And I just realized that the Hijab Run I'll be participating in requires that we be at the assembly area around 5.30am for payment and registration. Then the run starts at 6am. The distance isn't bad and is the least of my worries but DEAR GOD I HAVE TO BE UP AT THE BREAK OF DAWN I NEED SUPERPOWERS FOR THAT. Coffee isn't an option because it makes me sleepy in the end. So I have less than a week to slightly adjust my sleeping patterns. If that's possible.

Byotch magazine is looking for submissions! Their theme this time is about Personal Style. (Read: Fashion).

 Do you have any fashion tips to share? Got your own personal style you'd love to share with fellow fashionistas? Want to let people have a peek at your make-up bag? Send your essays, photographs, poems, art, etc to:

Dunno about you guys, but scarves are getting some summer love.


Coz I just can't give up red velvet cupcakes.

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