Friday, March 15, 2013

What's more annoying than Pinoy Pride? School Pride.

   I've written about my annoyance with Pinoy Pride last year when anyone with the tiniest hint of Filipino ancestry whose skills or accomplishments are recognized globally are suddenly credited to them having Pinoy genes or that they do the things they love for the goal of patriotism. (You think Manny Pacquiao stayed so long in his boxing career for the sake of Pinoy pride? HA. Think again.)  This time, I will talk another common form of social pride: School pride.

 Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with school pride in itself if
a.) you're proud of what your school stands for ,
b.) you had an overall great experience while attaining quality education in the said school  and
c.) the chest-beating, mane-puffing going on between universities and their varsity teams (i.e basketball) is a natural way of supporting your school.

 But there are times you gotta cross the line with school pride. For instance, if you're going to start stereotyping people based on what school they've gone to, that's when I release the Kraken.

Oops, wrong Kraken.
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"You go to UP? Aktibista ka 'no? Pero ambaduy ng mga tao dun."
"Ateneo? 'Di ba mayayabang mga estudyante doon?"
"Mga bagsak lang daw nag-aaral sa CSB."
"Super konyo the La Salle pipol, right?"
"Grabe, ang conservative ng mga UST. Hindi sila progressive at all."

 Seriously, I don't know where all these labels and prejudices come from. Sure, the culture and atmosphere of each school may be distinct from one another but hello, if you're going to define people's identity and potential through that alone, don't. Just. Don't.

  What about people who go to community colleges or less prestigious universities? One of my friends from La Salle told me about the time she introduced her boyfriend  (who goes to a "less prestigious" univ.) to her "friends". When they found out he didn't come from the same school as my friend, they were all, "Ooohhh..." or "How did you meet him again?" Or those highfalutin mofos who criticize the system of a school they've never even studied in. I can only imagine what they think of people who have never gone to college.

  I understand that colleges and universities have different values, priorities, and "ambience" (ask any transferee in your school), that isn't any reason to look down on anyone or overlook their potential.  Hiring someone according to what college they've gone to is like recruiting the tallest guy to be part of your basketball team: height will only work up to a certain point if the person doesn't like teamwork or can't improve his speed.

 Now that I think about it, I never really cared what school people went to. In fact, in social situations I don't really ask (unless they ask- in which case I answer by saying "Hogwarts" and I throw them back the question to troll them), because let's face it- a lot of the things you'll learn in school, you'll probably only use 30% of it once you find out that reality doesn't operate around grades. It operates around your effort, character, and intelligence- and I'll probably make a different blog post about that in the future.

 Fuck it, I don't care what school you've been to. If you're the type who can talk about social issues while eating cupcakes in between LOTR marathons, we're good.

-End Rant-


  1. ^ True facts! I agree wholeheartedly. Especially about the stereotypes thing. I've been getting flack like that since my HS days and it's about time it stops. =_=;;

  2. OH GOD HIGH SCHOOL. I feel you. I really do.


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