Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stream of Thoughts After Watching Ateneo's Production of "Spring Awakening"

-Aww yis Spring Awakening. Great singing love the intro. It totally sets the tone for the whole play.

-OMG the piano teacher

-Innuendos. Innuendos everywhere.

-Choreography is fantastic hellz yeah

-That guy who plays Melchior is mighty foooiiiine.

-OMG the gay guys. Better love story than Twilight.

-Transitions are seamless and the lighting is great hrrnnghh

-Man, these teenagers are so damn repressed.

- Ugh I just love the actor and the actress who played the adult male and female roles respectively urgh just brilliant

-Aaaand an actual song about masturbation.

-Haha that guy jerking off on the toilet. Awesome.

-If a girl comes up to you and frets about her father NOT beating Run for the hills.

-Ohmyglob, they're making out on the haystack ohmyglob this is getting intense- wait, is he actually unbuttoning her dress oh well at least they still have their clothes- HOLY MOTHER OF EVE DID HE JUST BARE HIS ASS welp that wraps up my night.

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