Saturday, April 13, 2013

Living With Cats

Sam and Solenn

    At some point, I will probably that crazy cat lady who likes taking pictures of her cats.

The first time we owned a cat was instantly after my puppy died when I was in fifth grade. A kitten appeared on our doorstep and at that time started my education for living with cats. In the 11 years we've welcomed cats in our homes, the only thing I can assure you is that you'll never get bored. Unless your cat is an asshole and you guys don't get along, consider getting a dog.

Here's a couple of things I learned while living with cats:

Cats can blend among your furniture...

And even treat your friends like one.

When you have cats in the house, cockroach and rat population will significantly decline ( or at least they don't venture out as much anymore.) However, expect gifts of affection from your cat in forms of half-nommed crickets, dead roaches, or headless rats.

Butter. Cats will lick anything that has butter. I must be part-cat.

Cats are not familiar with the term "personal space". Given the opportunity, they will invade your sock drawers, sleep on your pillows, and watch you do your business in the bathroom.

Sam: I sleep here ok

Solenn: I touch yer toe

I have yet to witness a cat that will devour an entire cheeseburger.

Every once in awhile, your cat will zoom from one place to another for no apparent reason and attack non-living things. It's often best to just let your furry friend do its thing.

Most cats like to watch us go about our chores, especially when it comes to washing dishes. Or sweeping the floor. We had a cat named Hitler who'd sit in the pasta bowl and watch my mom clean the dishes. Sam and Solenn like chasing the broom.

Cats have the urge to play and chase their humans too.

When there's nothing else to do, you can have endless hours of entertainment by playing the laser pointer game with your cat. If you don't have a cat, my li'l bro and I have discovered that house lizards respond to this game as wholeheartedly as felines do.

There are moments cats just know that you want to take their picture and will gladly oblige.

Cats are attracted to buckets and boxes. If natural selection has something to do with this, I'd like to know.

Cats in general don't like baths because it implies that their grooming skills are lacking. They're sensitive about that kind of stuff.

Occasionally, you will envy your cat for its carefree ways and its ability to nap almost everywhere.

When cats nap, you can pile stuff on top of them and there's a big chance they won't wake up unless they smell food.

Solenn and Sam are littermates. They're both female and like to do cat things together. If one of them is missing the other, they start meowing until they find each other. Ugh, my heart melts when they groom each other before they take their naps- fuzzy feelings everywhere OK.


  1. I always wanted a cat. Mom disapproves. Oh well. Life.


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