Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Notes From My Personal Life #29: Summer Haul

Fun and classy: Shawill Pretty Blusher #005 (P158)

  I'm not one who's entirely keen on blogging my own fashion-related purchases but for the purposes that I have nothing else to blog at the moment, I shall go fashion-ish blogger for today. What you see here is my modest summer haul. My mom and I went to SM Megamall the other day for errands and ended up buying a few things outside our shopping list.

  While wandering around the SM Department store at the cosmetics section (and checking out a hottie shopping with his mother), we came across a make-up brand called Shawill. Their packaging color scheme is a mix of golds, cream, and black that for some reason I gravitated toward it amidst the sea of bright summer colors.Without realizing it, I was mindlessly scouring through their selection of blushers.

I picked the summer-y Shawill Pretty Blusher #005 (see above image and below). What I love about this blusher is that it captures a natural glow without being too shimmery. Also, it's not heavily pigmented so I can just swipe this color on top of another blush color when I'm feeling more adventurous.

Nail polish by Jocarste. Colors (left to right) A74, A61, 8055, 652.

Have yet to try out the Jocarste nail polish thought it boasts of its hypoallergenic and long-lasting solution.

Since I'm not a shopaholic, I also took advantage of the opportunity to get me a pair of these lovelies:

Shoes by Juice
I'm a big fan of sneakers though I try to stay away from really expensive brands like Converse or Ecko. I dunno, it just doesn't make sense to me to spend ridiculous amounts on just one pair of sneakers when there are other perfectly great sneaker brands out there that don't require me to starve.

 Speaking of brands, it was my first time to buy a pair of shoes from Parisian.

Wedge n' wild.
  I was actually losing hope while going around the department store for a pair of sandals. I couldn't buy the heels I wanted because they didn't have my size. I slunked away at the Parisian area and was just gazing at their TV ad. Then I thought, 'well goddamit I might as well wear shoes that a model is wearing at a runway for once." With rage twitching in me, I tried on these cream wedges with their snakeskin print on the heels. And it looked great on me. And it was... comfy. For less than P1200, these lovelies were mine.

For the past few weeks, right after the time I got my haircut, I noticed I was more adventurous with colors. I usually have a preference for darker colors: blues, greens, browns. For some reason, I've been gravitating to brighter colors, especially with reds, oranges, yellows, peaches, bright neutrals... well, I'm only young once. I may be at an experimental fashion phase, yet again.

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