Thursday, April 18, 2013

Notes From My Personal Life #30: Book and Art

Wina and her book "Paperweight".
Photo by Angie Pablo

*Last Friday was MoarBooks' first event a.k.a. Wina's Book Launch for "Paperweight." It was a fun, intimate night of  stories, art, music, and (free) food with friends and fans at Exile. I couldn't be happier for Wina. Even her family was there to support her.

The crowd inside Exile. That's not all of them yet.
Photo by Angie Pablo

 Shout out to Ram who ran the merchandise booth and Jepoy to his fabulous facial hair. Oh, and to Ron (the emcee that evening) who totally had me cracking up when he started singing Eminem's "Lose Yourself" with his guitar.

And here is a song by Angie Pablo, who performed her original songs at the launch. It's singers like her that make me want to learn the piano and compose my own stuff. I am a fan.

*Homework for Fernando Sena's workshop. I managed to get someone to sponsor my workshop (thank you, lovely sponsor) and I've attended my first session and second session. Had to revisit some basics which involved pen, pencils and strokes.

1st homework. Pencil sketch of one of Sena's paintings

Close-up for the details

 For the second session, I showed him snapshots of my painting and one actual painting for reassessment, just to make sure that my skills are for Advance 1 level. He commented that I had a lot of great ideas and concepts but needed to improve my technique. So he proposed that I join his other class tomorrow for Advance 2 lessons so he could give me tips for oil painting- for free. I could've hugged that old man to death.

Second homework. Profile of the statue of David. Lookin' intense. Pen strokes hurrah!

Unfinished still life sketch. 
  So I shall be temporarily taking 2 workshop sessions a week. One day for Advance 1, another day for Advance 2. Sometimes I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. I just paint. How do you art.

*Speaking of art, check out my friend Eri's art cards at Eri Makes Art Cards.  She makes them digitally and/or handmade. They're amazing and affordable, with some that use mediums ranging from collage, pastels, and acrylic. Take your pick.

"Dead or Alive" by Eri Santos.

"War Paint" by Eri Santos

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