Friday, May 3, 2013

Something I'm Really Good At

I stumbled upon this "Story of My Life" blog challenge. It's simple prompt-blogging at its finest. For the month of May, there's something to blog about everyday.

Today's challenge:
Educate us on something you know a lot or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic).

* Let's start with the obvious. I'm quite good at sketching and painting stuff. Here's a Facebook page and a few snapshots to prove it.
Oil pastel on paper

Oil on wood.

For fellow artists out there who have etsy or Facebook pages of your work, don't hesitate to link your stuff in the comments section.

* I'm really good at changing the cat's litterbox. Fo' serious. Volunteering at PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) was quite an experience, specially when I had to change a couple of litterboxes with a fellow volunteer. And these are litterboxes that use newspapers or wood shavings. While everybody else in the house is gagging and fretting when they change the litter of our house cats, I'm the one who nonchalantly cleans up everything. I even check droppings to make sure the cats' digestive system isn't reacting negatively to the food.

When you've cleaned up after cats with stomach problems at the ICU area of PAWS, cleaning cat litter in our house is easy peasy.

*I'm quite good at...profanity.
Okay, if you're one of those people who are uncomfortable with curse words, move along. It's not that I fuckin' curse in every fuckin' sentence. But sometimes I think my blog should come with a PG-13 warning of some sort. Anyway, there are moments that I have a vocabulary worse than a Somali sailor's. And when those moments happen, you have to cover your childrens' ears.

 Exhibit A:There was a time I stubbed my toe really hard at the edge of my bed and I went "putangenashetmotherfuckingballsacksasshole@#$$#$#". My brother walked in the room while I was cursing. After that episode was over he was like "uhhh... Okay."
Exhibit B: I was watching Brave in the cinema with friends. The whole mother-daughter thing just really hit too close to home and walloped me in the feels that I started crying and cursing. And there was a family a couple of seats away. Oh well.

Lesson: you might not want to be around when I'm having intense emotional moments. :)

*I'm an organic junkie, especially when it comes to local beauty products and toiletries. I know what makes a product truly organic, the difference between organic vs natural, what synthetic chemicals  to avoid, its impact on the environment and the human body, etc. I'd like to clarify that I'm not an expert but I do know more than enough. This is typically the boring stuff not a lot of people would like to know.

*I'm good at numerology. Just give me your complete name and birthdate for analysis- and poof. It became Koko Krunch. LOLJK. I can give a reading of your personality, behaviour, tendencies, challenges, and what not. It does take time though since it involves numbers and a lot of calculating and checking a number against the other. What's fascinating is that a person's numerology chart is like a fingerprint. You'll never find two charts with completely similar numbers and placements.

*I thrive in chaos. Even with my stuff all over the place, I still know where they are when I need them.

Then my mom suddenly organizes my things and now I can't find them. It's a cruel cosmic joke.

So fellow bloggers, what are you good at?

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  1. I'm good at tweeting. I'm at 25,594 tweets from when I first started. ^^


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