Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stuff Kids Say

At the workshop, I attended a Wednesday session to make up for last week's session I missed. So I was in this cramped classroom which was largely filled with beginner students. And majority of these students are in pre-school or grade school, which sort of gave me claustrophobic feels because I am honestly not fond of interacting with children for reasons that I will mention in another time.

 While I was working on my pastel techniques among the sea of budding artists, I couldn't help overhear some of their conversations (coz let's face it, I had to share a table with them and children in general don't keep their dialogues to themselves):

Exhibit A
Child: I found my tooth!!

Exhibit B
Child1: Have you seen my pencil?
Child2: I swallowed it.

Exhibit C
Child: I'm gonna get a trophy and you don't. I know it. (Context: workshop students who do the activities and homework consistently get little trophies.)

Exhibit D
Child1: Do you know One Direction?
Child2: No.

I remembered why I don't want to have kids.
The kid didn't really swallow the pencil.

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