Sunday, June 16, 2013

Artist Problems

#ArtistProblems number one:

For some reason, all the National Bookstore branches here in the province no longer carry the quality brand of oil and acrylic paints that I usually buy. I usually buy Academy (also known as Grumbacher). They have the usual art stuff for beginners/art students like pastels, pencils, and poster paints but they no longer supply the professional artists' brands.

I feel so marginalized. Kyuuuuh. >_<

 Also, the employees just blink at me if I ask for odorless artist's thinner. I might as well be speaking to them in Valyrian. Have all the serious artists moved to Manila and brought the market demand with them?? Or are there simply very few people in my part of the region who are into art?

I mean, a girl also needs her quality paints.

#ArtistProblems number two:
 I need to stop buying more paintbrushes than I actually need. When I know I need to buy just one brush to replace the one I've worn out, for some reason I leave the store with a handful. I was just getting over the same addiction with notebooks and journals, for pete's sake!

Okay, actually, scratch that coz the other day I bought a notebook. Coz it was pretty. @_@


#ArtistProblems number three:
Sometimes I go through other artists' works online for reference and inspiration. And somewhere along the line I start comparing their works with mine. I KNOW making comparisons won't get me anywhere but there are moments that it can't be helped. I just try to trudge through the misery.

I am a great artist. I am a great artist.

#ArtistProblems number four:

 When you're on a roll with your work, there's a tendency to forget the daily stuff you have to do. Like chores. Or talking to people. Sometimes I jump when someone comes in my little studio to announce dinner. I'm like "what. What time is it?"

End rant.

  • I need a break.

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