Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm lovin' angels instead

   I'm thinking of making a separate blog for my art-related stuff after my first official solo exhibit (which is still in planning stages, so I ain't gonna count my eggs for the meantime), but for now I just want to talk about the concept of my art pieces so at least there'd be a general understanding of what I want to relay.

 It is inevitable that once my art goes out to the public, the interpretation, symbols, etc, are no longer mine. Much like how certain music impacts people on varied levels. ANYWAY, to put it simply, my art pieces are focused on angels. Or at least, my perception of angels.

"Tzaphkiel" Oil on canvas.
Angels are often depicted as white, blonde, with gentle or somewhat nonchalant expressions. Okay, fine. Since these beings were artistically depicted by mostly white people way before people had any serious interaction with people outside their race, it's understandable why angels are more popularly known by these standards.

  The belief of angels is prevalent in nearly all religions, with similar names but varying roles. I'll go into detail in some other time.

  Part of my goal is to break that standard of what angels would look like in the perception of different cultures and societies. After all, angels often appear to their charges in forms that are more familiar and comforting to them. So definitions of familiarity and comfort will differ from person to person.

 What I also find intriguing when I'm doing my research on the different archangels and angels are the different roles assigned to them and symbols associated, which I try to integrate in my art pieces while making sure I keep the subject simple.

After I make my 5th piece, I'd probably make a blog post to give you clues on how each art piece came to be.

"Uriel" oil on canvas

  And that's it for this topic. I have to get back to work now. The goal is 30 art pieces before December and I'm still working on my 4th piece.

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