Sunday, July 14, 2013

Art, Nostalgia, and Lost Objects

Art piece by Anthony Fermin (pre-exhibit)

        Let me start off by saying that I am not an art critic and probably never will be. I have my own preferences and biases regarding styles and technique which even makes me less qualified to say which art is "good" or "bad". Also, just because I'm an artist doesn't mean I hang out with artists all the time. I'm afraid that 80 percent of the time is dedicated to painting. The remaining percent is dedicated to socializing, trips to the bathroom, agonizing over my art pieces, and blogging.

 I haven't gone to an exhibit in ages, so when a family friend invited us (Tita Evan is a family friend and is the wife of Anthony Fermin the artist... hurrah connections) to an exhibit opening at Ayala, we accepted the invitation.

Art pieces by Anthony Fermin (pre-exhibit)

It was a fairly formal event so I even had my hair done at the parlor. The gay dude was wielding the curling iron around my tresses when his coworker looks at him and says "marunong ka pala mag-curl ng buhok e. Bakit sabi mo sa kanina na 'di mo alam?"

"E kasi ayaw kong inuunahan ako, OK." The gay dude scoffs as he proceeds to spray a ridiculous amount of spray net all over my hair and face. He was referring to a customer who thought she could do a better job at styling her own hair.

 The exhibit took place at the Artist Space just across one of the entrances of Glorietta 5. It was an intimate event filled with other artists and collectors.

Art piece by Anthony Fermin
  I do like Tito Anthony's works. His art pieces are whimsical, vibrant, beating with subtle, melancholic nostalgia that complements his lively palette. His theme is "Woman At Work" in honor of women who work tirelessly at home and outside the home.

In some of his pieces, he uses lost objects to create texture in his paintings, even including the said objects in the impasto.

Photo by Enya Reyes

  If I were to close-read all the colors, composition and shit, the artist is probably still struggling with his sense of belonging in the community- whether it be in the art scene or society in general, it's hard to tell.  He is closely guarding his inner artist child , regressing to themes with maternal figures and childhood elements.

The artist. Photo by Evan Fermin.

I would like to add that I'm terrible at close-reading.

  Anyway, his exhibit will run until the 22nd of July.  Do check it out if you're around the area.

Photo by Enya Reyes


We found a loose screw near the entrance of the exhibit so we gave it to the artist saying "screw. you."

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