Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dancing To The Other Side

   My mom was worried that I didn't have any physical activity between painting, reading books, and interwebs lurking that I decided to set aside a few days a week learning and re-learning hip-hop dances and choreographies through the dance goldmine that is YouTube.

 I would go to some sort of dance studio but THERE AREN'T ANY HERE IN THE PROVINCE.

 You know how Youtube recommends videos for you to watch based on what channels you're subscribed to or videos you've watched recently? Well, this showed up in my YouTube recommendation feed.

   I clicked on it thinking that maybe Jason Derulo's choreographer or some Derulo fan-slash-professional dancer took an initiative to make his own choreography to Derulo's latest song "The Other Side" (which is my current jam) and my jaws dropped to see that it was Jason Derulo himself and a couple other dancers creating a dance tutorial video simply for fans who've been inquiring how he does his moves in his music video. And he actually responded.

   His choreography is divided into three parts for easier comprehension.  I actually didn't plan on taking on the challenge of his dance tutorial today. But when I got started on the first video, next thing I knew I threw on my dance shoes and sweatpants and started learning everything. I mean hello, an artist who willingly showed people his moves and how to do it? And in a mainstream industry where most things are under lock and key? This is probably the best thing since crowdsourcing indie artists. Four for you, Jason Derulo, four for you.

 I must warn you this choreography isn't for beginners. I'm not discouraging newbies from trying this out but it helps if you know a handful of basic moves, possess core strength (this choregraphy requires a bit of athleticism and stamina) and can mirror the steps to pull this off as effortlessly as these dancers. But hey if you know how to improvise and make alternate choreography for parts you still need to work on (like I did LOL), then by all means go for it!

Nobody can stop the music in yo' soul!

Fortunately I had adequate strength and stamina to pull off the more athletic moves (also helps that I'm batshit skinny) but I still have to work better on the choreography overall. Especially timing.

My cat Solenn judging me as I do my thang.
Granted, he didn't teach all the moves he's done in his music video (have you watched it, it's like 20% choreography and 80% of him freestyling to death) but I like how Derulo reached out and connected to his curious fans via YouTube. I'm hoping against hope that other artists would follow suit.

 For the record, I don't dance to compete or to entertain people. I mainly dance for myself because it's one of the most fun workouts out there. When I'm satisfied with how I complete a choreography or a move perfectly, I feel more confident. And this confidence spills out in other areas of my life such as my paintings, dealing with people, my mood, etc. It's also in line for achieving a perky badonkadonk so that's a bonus.

I feel badass when I dance when I probably look like a duck on meth.

Yah can't stop the music in mah soul!!


Don't look at dance tutorials thinking "I can't do this it looks complicated." The thing about dance is that you only learn by actually doing it and not judging it in your head. Besides, dance like no one's watching, right?

I do encourage you to check out dance studios that accept walk-ins. It's still a different experience when you have a professional correcting your moves and positions.


Links to other cool Youtube dance videos and dance tutorials:
Matt Steffanina - his choreographies usually have links to its respective dance tutorials

DanceTutorialsLive - Matt Steffanina's dance tutorial channel. Also features other dancers teaching basic/intermediate/advance moves that you may have been dying to learn in the privacy of your home.

MegaJam - Jasmine Meakin's awesome dance channels. Only a handful of her choreographies have dance tutorials that you have to shell out reasonable bucks for. You can check out previews of her dance tutorials. Her choreography is distinctively lyrical. I will move to Australia for her.

MegaJam2 - Jasmine's too awesome for only one dance channel.

Dssoulz- If you're looking for an Asian counterpart of these dance channels, it has to be this one. No dance tutorials though as far as I know. No dance tutorials.

k0szzz - I'm pretty sure he's associated with Dssoulz because they use the same studio but jeezus christ, I mean it in the best way possible when I say swag level: ASIAN. No dance tutorials.

DanceOn- apparently the #1 dance network in YouTube. Mostly updates of choreographies, artists, professional dancers, and So You Think You Can Dance.

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