Monday, July 1, 2013

Notes From My Personal Life #32

   About a week ago, I scoured the shelves of the nearby Booksale branch here in the province (thank goodness for Booksale or I would've gone berserk ages ago) and stumbled  upon a book I've been dying to read but couldn't find anywhere (or it's just sold out): Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi. It's a memoir of a brilliant professor who had secretly gathered seven of her best students to read (forbidden) classical literature. In the midst of raids, rallies, censorship and constant military upheaval in the name of Islamic morality, Azar Nafisi and her students immerse themselves in Western classics.

(I even learned a new word: Poshlust. Google it.)

 I love this book. One of my coursemates even mentioned that this book helped her through dark times. And I can see why. This book also touches on many personal topics such as life decisions, relationships, tradition vs modernity, staying where you are to contribute to your birthplace vs leaving for a better life, to name a few. Of course, there're universal themes such as politics, religion, morality, war, love.

 Nafisi writes in a way that she paints a picture of the Islamic Republic of Iran wherein you feel the warmth and camaraderie in her living room where they have weekly discussions of Lolita and Pride and Prejudice. You can smell the Turkish coffee, tea, and almonds. You feel the anxiety of being an Iranian woman at home and at work. Walls and buildings reverberate with fear and anger of the citizens as they fight for whatever political party they've joined.

 Will make a blog post about my feels for this book in the near future. There will be just a handful of spoilers.


  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that one of my batchmates in CSB was going to appear in The Voice of the Philippines. I had no TV but my li'l brother was nice enough to lend me his phone- which had mobile TV.

 I've written a blog post about Moira dela Torre last year. (You can read it by clicking HERE). I've always remembered her as this serene-looking girl who carried a guitar. I never knew about her eating disorder (which she had revealed in the show). We only took a few minor subjects together so I can't say that we're close friends but whenever I run into her, it's always nice to talk to her. I knew she was the voice of McDo's "Hooray for Today" jingle when it came out (the voice was so familiar when I first heard it, I had to Google it) so when she revealed that her blind audition was coming up last Saturday, I went NUTS.

Watch video. Ignore YouTube comments.

 Gotta love the reactions.

  I'm so happy for Moira and am looking forward to see her competing in this show in the next episodes to come. I'm also watching out for Lee Grane, who made me cry when she sang "In The Arms of An Angel." after her audition piece.

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