Monday, July 22, 2013

The little things that bug me.

    Buckle your seatbelts and strap on your rant helmet because I'm going to bitch about a handful of things (contrary to popular belief, I am not that nice of a person). If you can relate to some things or if some things on the list reminded you of other things that bug you, feel free to pop by the comment section and maybe we can have some dialogue going.

1.) When parents compare your friends or think they're entitled to choose your friends.

 Isn't it bad enough that I don't get to pick my relatives? There are exceptions to this peeve of mine, say if I have turned into a full-blown druggie just looking to get my next high so my parents staged an intervention and part of my rehabilitation requires cutting off connections with druggie friends.

 Probably my only vices in life are eating and sleeping; social interactions with friends is below expectations of what I'd consider a normal social life and my idea of a Friday night is watching a movie in my computer (yes, I'm afraid I'm quite boring).

 Most of the time, parents can't tell the difference between friends that are actual bad influences and friends that are just different from their children. And then they tell us to live our lives to the fullest? Well.

2.) When people wonder why the hot ladies often go for the less-than-appealing guy. Or the other way around.

My friend sums it up perfectly.

 Interestingly, some people who ask these questions have significant others as ugly as sin. But nobody asks them how'd they got in that relationship.

3.) People who complain about the superficiality of pop music/pop artists.

 First of all, pop music is meant to be catchy and it's focused on mass appeal. If you're looking for something deep, spiritual, non-profane music without all of that milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard, then just tune your radio to another station where they play that shit. Or torrent it, I don't care. And if you actually care to watch live performances of pop artists (because there's no synthesizer/autotune to alter their sound)- especially those with great vocal range like Beyonce, Jessie J, Rita Ora- maybe you'll find you actually have an inner pop diva.

4.) People who blame social media for their umproductivity and/or relationship problems.

  For the former, you can opt to a.)deactivate your account temporarily, b.) just do what needs to be done. Like, JUST DO IT already or c.) use apps or programs designed for productivity. You don't have excuses. You have control over your own life, not Facebook or Twitter.

For the latter, even if you take away social media, do you seriously think your significant other hasn't been screwing around with someone behind your back IRL? Honestly?

Tip: if you go on a date and your date is more focused on tweeting what's happening on said date instead of having an actual conversation, run for the hills.

5.) Selfies. Goddamn selfies. 

  Specifically, too many selfies of the same person dominating the timeline. Or better yet, selfies hashtagged with "eyebags", "no filter", "haggard". Some even come in collages. For some reason, others are captioned with some irrelevant inspirational quote or their favorite lyrics.

Image from

 A selfie is a selfie. Don't try to make it anymore than it actually is. You just really want to inflict your friends' newsfeeds with your alleged good looks.

The duck face is another issue. Comic from

6.) People who go "Praise God! (Then insert how great God is, followed by a scripture)" when they receive a ridiculously expensive gadget/car/outift/bling that their parents/significant other paid for.

No. Just... no.

Parents, next time your brat wants the latest whatever without any effort on their part, give them your hard-earned money (preferably in cash) and make them buy it personally. Watch them die with guilt.

 Thank your parents/significant other. Don't "Praise God!" for anything you haven't earned.

7.) People who dictate my fashion choices.

 It is my prerogative to dress up in outfits that you may deem as "not my personality", "ugly", or "outrageous". Life is too short and my youth is ideal to experiment with whatever intrigues me that I'd like to integrate in my wardrobe. I will dress up according to what the required dress code is (if any) but if you have the need to talk me down about my wardrobe choice... um, I dunno, get out.

End rant.

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