Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Piece of Sunshine

Flower power.

        When school got suspended last Monday due to heavy rains, my li'l bro needed to get lemongrass for his thesis (senior high school requirement). My mom and I took him to the little plant expo happening in front of the local mall. It was late afternoon, still raining, but for some reason it made these little gardens more magical.

     I don't have a green thumb. But my mom does. But we all have a common appreciation for nature: my mom can raise plants and flowers, and I can paint them. While my mom haggled with one of the owners, I looked around and took pictures. Forgive me if this turned into a photo blog but I'd like to share these little pops of sunshine even in the midst of the gloomy weather.

I thought this was really creative. :D

Hello, sunshines!

Does anyone know what plant this is? I just call this a boob plant.
Orchid showin' some love.

Owner says this one's a star cactus. When it blooms, it'll stay in bloom for quite some time.

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