Friday, August 16, 2013

More Human Nature lovin'.

I just really love natural and organic products. Human Nature is definitely on top of my list.

Their relatively new product that I'm stark crazy about is their Tough Love home care products.

Tough on stains, gentle on the skin. Dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent.

   Human Nature's Tough Love makes chores more tolerable for me in general. Their dishwashing liquid does a great job of removing grimes and grease. It works just as well as your commercial dishwashing soap except it's also gentle on the hands and omg the citrus-y scent. The citrus scent is unlike anything I've ever encountered with any dishwashing liquid. I would not mind doing the dishes for the rest of my life if I get to use Tough Love!

 The Tough Love laundry detergent works just as great as its store-bought counterpart. One time, my mom did like half a dozen batches of heavy laundry in a week. Don't underestimate the light formula of this baby. Our clothes came out clean without that irritating soap-y scent. Can be used on white/light fabrics and works just as well on colored/dark fabrics without compromising the colors. Also, we didn't have to worry about the delicate garments because of its light formula.

What these products have in common:
-No slimy, soap-y residue on my hands or on the dishes (or clothes) after use.
-My hands don't dry up or become itchy like it usually does with other home care products.
- That heavenly citrus scent.
- non-toxic and biodegradable (some products have chemicals that cannot be filtered in the water system)

 I am quite willing to stuck up in Tough Love by the bulk.


For my oily pores.
 The balancing facial wash and toner cleans without drying out the skin. Also keeps the oiliness of my skin in check. Still kicks ass at keeping acne and blemishes at bay. One time, my mom accidently brought my toner with her when she went out of town. I texted her: "when you come back, I am ugly."

For the boys.
  OK I admit I used the guys' soap and shampoo but only because it was in the middle of a summer heat and the peppermint is a really nice touch when you step out of the shower.

Mineral Powder refill.
  To all my ladies, don't forget to save your mineral powder compacts. Get refills instead on your next mineral powder purchase.

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