Monday, August 5, 2013

Notes From My Personal Life #33

  Wow. Haven't done an NFMPL for weeks now. Nothing much has been happening except I've been focusing all my energies on artsy fartsy stuff (which is my life, btw). So here are bits and pieces of what's been going on in my life, if anyone is interested to know.

1.) I watched Spirited Away last week.
 Like, I can't believe I only got to watch this hamazing anime' after I turned friggin' 23. Then again, if I watched it when I was younger, I probably wouldn't be able to catch the meanings, symbolisms, and the underlying metaphors in this film. Brilliant, brilliant film.

  I've got so much love for No-Face that I made this little Ghibli fan art.

"Eh. Eh."

 Yes, that's No-Face offering Totoro a cupcake.

 I wish I had a digital copy of My Neighbor Totoro now. I feel that if I re-watch it, I'd be able to appreciate it better.

2,) Took a break from my angel series and painted this little bugger.
  Oil on 10"x12" canvas. Wanted the title to be "Fly, Mothafucka" but decided "Butterfly Dreams" is more appropriate.

 I mean, imagine if a parent wanted to buy this for their kid's room or the living room.
Guest: So what's the title of this painting?

"I'm a beautiful butterfly!"
  I still have three pieces of 8"x10" canvas and I dunno what the hell I'm gonna do with them. Either I'm experiencing some sort of creative block or I need a therapist.

 Or maybe I need to draw more Spirited Away stuff.

3.) Sam, our orange tabby, is pregnant.

  I'm not sure how many weeks she has left for gestation period but GOOD LORD she has an appetite of a Kraken that I just wish she'd give birth already.
Do you guys ever wonder if cats are aware when they're pregnant? Does it naturally dawn on them like "doesn't matter, had sex" or when the kitten pop out they're like "oh these are mine."

 I'm trying to imagine Sam's stream of thought as she gets bigger. I mean, she's practically waddling around now.
"I gotta nom, I gotta nom, I gotta nom, I gotta nom..."

"I feel extra fluffy today."

"FUCK I can't groom my belly properly... are those my nipples??"

"I think that beef I nommed last week is still moving in my belly."

"Man, that beef in my belleh can kick."

4.) I've been partly wasting time watching PewDiePie's YouTube videos.

 He's a vlogger who plays video games with hilarious running commentaries. He plays all sorts of video games from SuperMario to Slender, from the most popular games to quirky indie ones. This video here is a montage of his funny gaming moments.

Sometimes I end up on the floor, laughing like a retarded seal.

5.) Thoughts on Being Yourself by Jemma Marbles

I have to admit, Jenna Marbles kinda surprised me with this video. You know how parents tell you to "be yourself" and you have no friggin' clue what that means? And if you ask them, they just reply with something even more vague?

   Jenna Marbles hit the mark with this one without being preachy or overbearing. And she's a lot younger than my parents. This is one of her best videos yet.

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