Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Porkin' and Twerkin'

  There are two things that grind my gears at the moment.

   First one would be the huge pork barrel issue.

        I am not one to dictate to rich people what they should do with their wealth. But the thing is- it wasn't their money. It was the our money.

 Who wouldn't be totally pissed that billions of pesos have gone nowhere near infrastructures, education, social services, or other sustainable projects? That money also came from OFW's blood, sweat, and tears. My dad is a hardworking OFW and pays his taxes without any complaint.  Knowing that our money went to the Napoles's lavish lifestyle makes me want to get a ship of the Unsullied army to their doorstep. ("Dracarys!")

  I admire the fact that Filipinos took their protest offline by going to the Million People March at Luneta. It's certainly one of the most momentous events of the country this year. It was a peaceful protest. There wasn't really any program: just patches of activity everywhere, individuals and groups, even religious and  political figures just doing their own thing. Thanks, social media.

  As outraged as I am over the pork barrel scam, I have to agree with UP Prof. de Vera on why abolishing the PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund) should only be deemed as a last resort. After all, we cannot discount other government officials who have shown transparency and accountability in every cent they spent. For instance:  In times of calamities, (flooding, earthquakes, etc.), the abolition of PDAF would make it incredibly difficult to give emergency funds to people or provinces who need it.

 How much discretion should be exercised by political leaders must be debated by the people and representatives of the people. Complete abolition of PDAF isn't a one-size-fits-all solution and borders on undemocratic. Yes, if we were to abolish it today, there is likely another pork barrel "alternative" that will appear in its place. Same thing but only with a different name. I also agree  with Prof. de Vera that we should not pin our hopes completely on the FOI (Freedom of Information) bill. Though he estimates it will take more than a year to get the FOI bill moving, what can we do about PDAF in that time frame?

The complete abolition of PDAF is merely a simplistic solution to a complex problem. In his interview at Newslife that I posted above, he enumerates a few interesting suggestions to narrow down politicians who abuse discretionary funds. I strongly advise you watch the video. Lemme know what are your thoughts via comment box.

   The Philippines has spoken during the Million People March not only in Luneta, but in other provinces as well. I believe a debate would encourage a meaningful engagement of the Filipino people with their government. And don't give me that "I- hate- the -government- this -country- is- going- to- hell" crap. If you're going to be fuckin' negative about our government and the progress of the country, at least have the decency to voice a logical and realistic solution.

You can read more of De Vera's statements here: UP Prof laments oversimplication of 'abolish pork'.


The second issue I have a beef with is Miley Cyrus's tongue.

  OK I'm kidding, I just want to shoot it with a tranquilizer dart. It's as out of control as her image.

         I don't hate Miley Cyrus, but I'm not a fan either. I do like a couple of her songs like "When I Look At You", "7 Things" and "Party In The USA". She was obviously headed in a less and less Disney-esque image lately. And that's fine. I have bigger chances of leaping into the sun than being that Disney teen forever.

  Her "pole dance" thing and her "outrageous" half-naked Vanity Fair photo shoot was her typical struggle to forge her way into a more mature image. Most of these issues were blown out of proportion thanks to media and perverts. (I find her Vanity Fair photos quite awesome, thank you very much.)

 But goddamit I have to draw the line with her new "image".

 When her "We Can't Stop" music video came out, I had mixed feelings: I actually like the music.

But I hate Miley's new "party-girl-on-coke-gonna-party-til-the-morning-YOLO" image complete with tongue action.

    When people on Tumblr were posting comments about Miley's VMA performance, I just went "psshh, social media making a big friggin' whoop about Miley again."

*clicks on video*



  I think Miley Cyrus is having trouble shedding her "Disney-good-girl" image and is resorting to living it up by trying to be more provocative and "controversial." There is a bad kind of controversial and a good kind.

 The good kind of controversial- in a celebrity setting- would be like Lady Gaga's overall image. She has taken this image as her own because she always felt like an outcast and  embraced her avante-garde-ness. This is her own way of accepting herself, which in turn, draws other outcasts to her as well. They find meaning in her music and her image, in a society that often celebrates conformity.

 Miley- on the other hand- is being controversial just to make noise. In terms of her performance, she is no better than someone rattling a tin can with a couple of pennies in it. She can wear what she want, she can dance what whatever moves she feels like doing, she can even keep that stupid hairdo. Yes, we know the song is about having a good time, being young blahblahblah but everything was just all over the place and in terrible taste. 

 . Miley, we get it. You're all grown up now (whatever the hell that means), you want to be taken seriously as an artist, and maybe you want the world to forget your Hannah Montana stint. 

  But, like all celebrities and musical artists, you have a responsibility to your fans. This new image you've made of yourself is half-baked, unoriginal, forced, and degrading. 

 And maybe you just have to accept that Hannah Montana will always be part of you, whether you genuinely enjoyed being on that show or not. If you wanted to be a more "mature" artist, I think you've successfully regressed from that. 

Also, thanks for ruining Blurred Lines.

End rant.

Man, ranting makes me hungry.

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