Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pretty Wings

      As promised, since I'm done with my 5th piece, this post will give a bit of insight on the subjects of my paintings. Mainly, about angels.

  As most of you are aware, angels are celestial beings that act as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. The word 'angel' is derived from the ancient Greek word 'angelos', meaning 'messenger.'

 The popular religious depiction of angels has been such that they're white, blonde, and overall just very Caucasian-looking that I decided to challenge this notion- at the same time make cultural and modern depictions of these beings, according to their roles and symbolisms.

"Uriel", oil on canvas
  1.) Uriel
  While doing additional research on this angel, mystics claim that Uriel has a fierce, straightforward, and nonsensical nature. Uriel's name means "Light of God". She is associated with the color ruby-red and governs the root chakra (associated with stability, primal instincts, survival, and the earth element).

"Tzaphkiel", oil on canvas
2.) Tzaphkiel
  According to The Angel Bible (by Hazel Raven), Tzaphkiel  is the angel of deep contemplation of God, who nurtures all things and helps fully develop the feminine side of your nature which in turn increases insight and mysticism. Her color is lilac and governs the Angelic chakra (situated at the top of the forehead). She casts out all that is superficial to assist in spiritual growth. Represents the "divine feminine watery aspect of creation".

"Chamuel", oil on canvas
3.) Chamuel
 Chamuel's color is pink and helps renew and improve loving relationships helping develop the Heart chakra. Chamuel helps in rediscovering our inner child, and assists in overcoming anxiety and other negative emotions, and helps you nurture your love for yourself and others.

"Michael", oil on canvas
4.) Michael

Archangel Michael is popularly known as the warrior of God and protector of humanity, often depicted with a flaming blue sword or dagger. His color is sapphire blue and represents the power and will of God. He also inspires anyone who invokes him to be a seeker of higher truth and knowledge. He is associated with the Throat chakra, which focuses on communication. Helps calm the mind which brings more clarity in your thoughts.

"Barachiel and Her Charges", oil on canvas

5.) Barachiel
  This is a commisioned piece by a family friend, in memory of her father who passed away 2 years ago and lost her baby in a miscarriage (said baby was 5 months old). This family friend got married last year so I thought that archangel Barachiel was a perfect fit. Barachiel is considered the Patron Saint of Family and Marriage, often depicted holding a white rose or a basket of bread (to signify generosity or blessings, I forgot which). Sometimes she's also depicted showering rose petals, symbolic for showering her blessings to those who invoke her.

By the way guys, angels are genderless beings since their female and male qualities are perfect and complete; angels are androgynous and are said to appear as either gender depending on what their charges are more comfortable with.

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