Sunday, September 22, 2013

Notes From My Personal Life #36

   Sam's one-month-old kittens are mischievous little buggers. They can run and pounce and they've been trying to eat solid foods so that means I have to wean them pretty soon. Their distinctive traits are endearing. One of them is a little shy and nervous, another one is quite possessive when it comes to food, one of them is brave and well-behaved, and another will play with almost anything. Our other cat, Solenn, doesn't avoid them anymore- in fact, she even plays with them now.


   Two weeks ago, I finally got my non-professional driving license. Funny thing was, I learned to drive our big-ass family vehicle the same day. And this was before my actual driving test. The only thing running through my mind while I was behind the wheel: "Nope, not gonna die today HAHA nope not today."

 I drive like an old lady.


   Decided that I needed to throw out old art supplies and junk just because. To my delight, I still had a lot of old paintbrushes that i haven't used and in good condition. It's wonderful because  I was worried about running out. That means I don't have to make trips to an art store or bookstore.

  Then again, today I bought three more paintbrushes and a journal I didn't need. How'd that happen.


  Highlight of my week: book haul from National Bookstore and Booksale!


It's Your Money by Entrepreneur magazine

Social Change and Intersectional Activism by Sharon Doetsch-Kidder

House of Cards: A Tale of Hubris and Wretched Excess on Wall Street by William D. Cohan

Sea Cows, Shamans, and Scurvy by Ann Arnold. Biography of Alaska's first  Georg Wilhelm Steller.

  Oh, and I also found this in very good condition at Booksale the other week:

   I'm all set for 2 more weeks. Goodbye social life.

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