Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flowers, Fruits, and Hot Springs (part 1)

  Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Been busy and I'd rather sit down and blog properly at a relaxed, creative pace than just blogging on the go.

  Anyway, I wanted to talk about my trip last week to Laguna. Los Banos, specifically. My mom and I originally went to Manila for an event at Makati but one of her friends invited us to their farm at Laguna at the last minute. My mom emphasized that there would be a hot spring there so I thought, why the hell not. LET'S DO THIS KAMATIS

 So off we went to Laguna.

  Our host suggested that we drop by the garden show happening in town before they pick us up and take us to their farm.

The pavillion at the garden hall

To kill time, we stopped by the Los Banos Garden Show which was held at UP Los Banos Seniors' Social Garden Hall. There were unique and trendy local  merchandises, artworks, food, drinks, and of course, plants.

In which my girly feels are screeching. Clay rings and earrings. 

Havaianas got nothing on this.

I believe most of these are handwoven with the material derived from water lilies. Beautiful, sturdy, quality stuff. 

We dragged along our Australian friend, Tito Neil, who wanted to explore the southern parts of Manila. 

  After looking around each stall, tasting food samples here and there, we went to the garden area where they had these little exhibits along the path to the heart of the garden hall.

I don't have a green thumb so I just like to admire things like these.

Something something nature.

Love the way the afternoon sun falls here

 After being cooped up indoors for what seemed like ages (I am a homebody like that), it was a refreshing to go to a province that has mountain ranges. On top of that, a volcano relatively nearby.

 Our host was stuck in traffic, so we drove around UP Los Banos to explore. Taking random roads and passining through streets we weren't suppose to go into was a bundle of laughs, until our host finally arrived.

Water buffalo having the best day evar.

**To be continued**

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