Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Attack of The Escalator

It all happened so fast.

   Yesterday, my friend Jian and I were just going around SM Megamall and was going down from the 4th floor (or was that the 3rd?). We were chatting as we descended to the lower floor when all a sudden my left foot sort of got pulled back and I couldn't move.

 To my horror (but mostly embarassment), my sandal was caught at the escalator mechanism and no amount of budging was going to set my foot free. While my friend looked for security to help me out, I was stuck at the bottom of the escalator, completely mortified while struggling to get my sandal and toes from being sucked in, with people mostly too busy to care about what was happening like omg why this girl hanging out here blocking half the escalator threshold.

 "I'm panic someone call 911 someone call the fire department!" I told passers-by.

  Security guards appeared but took them awhile to redirect other shoppers to another escalator until they could stop the death trap thingamajiggy that was practically trying to nom my sandal. And yes, I know I could've just released myself from my shoe, except the sandal I'm wearing is the kind wherein you have to pull and buckle the teeny straps to its place properly so it's a fucking Cirque de Soleil circus act to do that while the escalator was still moving.

 They finally stopped the escalator. I unstrapped myself from my shoe. No amount of pulling was gonna get my sandals off. While they waited for the operator to get there to reverse the escalator direction, they let the people walk down on it and they spot at the offensive footware that caused the inconvenience and then they see me all Cinderella mode, put 2 and 2 together, and they laugh it off. I wanted to yell ESCALATOR VIOLENCE IS REAL GUYS but I'm pretty sure that won't save face.

 Finally got my sandals but apparently the whole thing was incident-report worthy to the security guards and even asked me if I needed medical attention. Aside from the mortification that made me die inside, I wasn't hurt. Before they could let me go, they needed me to write down the incident in one of their logbooks.

I wrote: Escalator ate my sandal.
And I thought the highlight of my day was when I watched Frozen with Jian.

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  1. "Escalator ate my sandal." made my day :D Glad you weren't hurt.


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