Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Highs and Lows of 2013

  Happy New Year, dear readers! I spent the midnight with my family and a couple of my mom's friends at Alabang. The evening was well-spent with lots of good food, jokes, and trying to get a tame, adorable stray cat to play Jenga with us.

  Anypotate, this is a brief throwback of 2013's highlights and not-so-bad moments.

2013 is the year that...

... I learned how life will get you down and it's not entirely a personal thing. Though it doesn't make life less sucky sometimes.
How I make my way through life.

... I decided that I had enough being a jack of all trades and focus on one passion first. It's ok to be a jack of all trades but the pursuit of mastery is also liberating.

... Carlos Celdran dismissed me with a "chill the fuck out" on Facebook when I sorta lectured him for unfairly bashing and name-calling students of a certain school.


... I got more than 14k hits on this blog aww yis.

... I had to reassess a lot of my relationships.

... I cleaned out my friend list on FB and cleared up my News Feed. No more overused hashtags, selfie-per-hour asshats or fear propaganda up on my little corner of the internet.

... one of our cats gave birth on the couch.

... a lot of great movies came out.

... My lovely friend-slash-fellow blogger Wina Puangco had her first book launch!

... An escalator nearly nommed my foot.

 ... Had my first (non-solo) exhibit!
One of my paintings. 

I is guest artist yes. And a big thank you to Tito Anthony!

... a lot of people supported me in different ways when I decided to focus on my art seriously. I'd list names here but i'd rather thank everyone personally and privately. It's been a tough year and all what's happened leading up to my launch as an artist wouldn't have been possible without them.


  I have a feeling 2014 is gonna be a better year for me (Year of the Horse, holla!) and a better year for everyone else. Cheers!

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