Monday, February 10, 2014

Notes From My Personal Life #37

HEY GUYS I've been busy art-ing lately and coming up with projects. With the little down time I've got right now, here are a few updates of, well, everything I guess.

1.) My website-slash-online portfolio is in planning stages and with the magical web design talent of my good friend Tonichi (hi Tonichi!), I hope it'll be up and running around March. No exact date yet so I'll probably just pull a Beyonce and put it out there out of the blue when it's done.


Nov. 2012

March 2013

Me at present. Feb 2014

 This is probably my fave haircut EVAAAARRR. Credit goes to my fabulous stylist at Salon de Dagupan. I like taking risks with my look and this turned out beautifully. I've said this before and I'll say it again. A.) Show your stylist a peg or two of the haircut you want and B.) make sure the stylist is the sort who "collaborates" with you during the whole shebang and not the one who entirely decides what look is good for you.

3.) For the art stuff, I've turned to watercolors for the meantime because I've left my canvasses and palettes at Manila. Mostly it's been practice practice practice and I have to say I've grown to love this medium because of its fluidity and it's quite a challenge to use.

Just some of my works. You can check out my other art pieces and projects at my Facebook page and Tumblr (all tabs located on the upper right corner of this bloggie.)

5.) I'm turning 24 in a few months and this made me a lot more introspective about stuff I plan to accomplish and what social issues or causes to devote my time, energy, and focus on. For me, no matter how much you feel about many social issues, there's no point in being outraged or angry about injustices and the like when you're emotionally scattered about the place. It will only wear you out like crazy - and when you're worn out, you're prone to inaction, sickness, burnout, and you start focusing on results rather than the process. With this, I've decided to focus on women empowerment.

  One of my goals is to design a talk/presentation aimed at high school students here in the province (because not all schools talk about women's issues, much less gender equality in general)  to talk about the role of women in society, rape/rape culture, misogyny, and the importance of having women in religion, politics, workforce/labor, media, arts, science, etc. With the bleak future of RH Law (though I'm still hoping against hope), it's only fitting that we educate young women about their potential roles in male-dominated societies and to educate young men to respect, honor, and celebrate all aspects of womanhood and to not be afraid to express their nurturing, emotional side.

 Instead of bitching about the patriarchy and RH Law, I'd rather devote my time to something productive and to something that will open up a dialogue with the youth.

I'm still trying to shape my core mission-vision before I go into research and planning stages of my little project. If you're interested in helping out and giving me sources and information, please do. For now, I must art.

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