Thursday, March 20, 2014

Paint and Pain

  Thanks to the physical requirements in painting our gate and the fact that my PMS consists of overall muscle ache and cramps, I had the vocabulary of an American Hustle stockbroker with each move I made.

 After dinner, I went out to the back patio and bent down to pet one of our cats. My legs were so sore that they just sort of gave in under me. I had to lie down on the brick patio for relief and looked up at the clear night sky. The full moon was out, like a shiny 5-peso coin in the darkness. I can see enough stars to make out a few constellations. (Only here in the province I can actually see stars.)

  Soon my mom appeared. She made sure that my younger brother had the light bulb of the lamp post by our gate replaced. I told her I was sore and ached all over. She proceeds to try and massage my arms.
 "Can't you see that I'm surrendering myself to God??" I groaned in pain. She then asked me if I wanted her to make one of those natural juice concoctions that should help with my inflamed muscular system.

  Personally, I think my mom is looking for any opportunity for me to guzzle her healthy-yet-icky fruit juice combos. But it's no use talking her out of it and she's excited to use her brand new blender. She goes inside the house to whip up her miracle juice. After a minute my younger bro appears, looks down at me on the floor for a few seconds and then goes straight inside the house. He's already used to my weird moments. I could start flapping around like Magikarp and he'll probably pretend to throw a Pokeball at me.

  I look back up at the sky, marvelling at how pain makes me aware of how much life is coursing in my body and how the heavens is pulsing with life of its own.

Then I look up at my feet to see our cat and her kittens sitting a few inches from me. Staring.

"What?" I asked.

  She meows and proceeds to walk all over me.

  Pain. So much pain.

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