Saturday, April 5, 2014

Notes From My Personal Life #38

 ** As you might know, my birthday is coming up next month and if any of you are wondering what present to give me, here is a short and reasonable wishlist.

1. "Outside the Lines", an awesome coloring book for grown-ups. (See above image). It's a pretty awesome collaboration curated by Souris Hong-Porretta. Saw this book in National Bookstore. I'd definitely watercolor the pages and just go crazy.(Php 795, if I remember correctly.)

2. A bag of Whiskas or Friskies cat food. Or a few cans of wet cat food. Will donate it to PAWS.

3. A blank journal where I can write and draw my feelings. Doesn't have to be moleskin.

4. A pot of original Mod Podge. You can find those at Deovir (SM North). I think a pot is Php180.

5. A handmade birthday card. Store-bought ones are fine too.

**I'm a firm believer of having a good relationship with yourself if you are to have a healthy relationship with other people. (Though this doesn't guarantee you won't end up with a douchebag, at least being alone isn't daunting and you can break it off easier.)
   The occasional date with myself helps me ground myself after a stressful week. I've taken to the no-frills Japanese restaurant-slash-ramen house near my place, Kasugu House. This is where I can concentrate on eating slowly without any distractions. The food is not too pricey and not too many people eat there. The place is relatively quiet except for the HDTV that's usually showing the local channels. The food is awesome and their house tea is scalding.

**I am happy to say I'm done with my first house project.

  Whatcha guys think?

      If the postmen still get confused with which house to drop off mail and parcels, I'ma march to the post office and talk to human resources. I had fun painting the gate though there was a time that dehydration was seriously getting to me. I had to take a few days' break.

  For my next big project, I'll be working on this side of the house.

Just looking at the blank wall makes me sweat blood.

 Mom wanted a fairy garden so I've been doing a lot of research and coming up with a concept. This project will probably take me a couple of months because there will be a ton of detailwork, and of course more colors. I'll probably be working with acrylic and then protect it with a sealant when I'm done. Nothing final though. Anything is possible. I bought a new watercolor set to get my creativity going.

Prang is my watercolor soulmate.

How do you concept.

   All this in between commissions and schoolwork.

If you want to see WIP shots of my work, you can check out my Tumblr blog: The Light Journal.

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