Friday, June 13, 2014

Unpopular Opinions and Stuff

  I was going through my Tumblr archive, looking for pictures of my old artworks. There were blog posts from this year and last year that  I've written and it's a strange feeling to read them because it feels like a different person has posted these tidbits, unpopular opinion, and insights. Here are couple of posts, arranged from most recent to oldest. 

*When someone says that I should be in a relationship to be “inspired” for my art, my inner artist child laughs until it chokes because I believe that once you start putting someone on a pedestal that way, you tend to use them as a creative crutch and with that you’re giving away your own creative power. Yes, it helps to be surrounded with creative people and maybe being in a relationship can get you through artistic droughts but at the end of the day, you are the artist and you do the work, regardless when you’re inspired or not.

*For the record, I do acknowledge that “privilege” exists. It’s activists with the constant victim mentality who are so hyperfocused on dividing and dehumanizing people that fucking pisses me off sometimes. These are the same people who forget how intersected our identities and problems are.
   The point of change is to usher in an era of cooperation, love, and equality. And that means EVERYONE is involved, whether you like it or not.

*Miriam Santiago’s privilege speech borders on the extreme but in retrospect she is one of the endangered types of politicians who refused to be coerced into silence, not even when she has been unreasonably humiliated, or disregarded in the Philippine senate by Enrile and his groupies.  Unlike the typical Filipino who has short-term memory for grievous crimes against the state, Miriam Santiago refuses to fall into this state of selective amnesia and apathy; she is not perfect but she has integrity. I just hope her health can still withstand this long and arduous fight against corruption.

 * I was walking around the mall when it suddenly hit me… I thought Miriam Santiago’s speech borders on the extreme?? She has been using her pork barrel reasonably compared to the majority of the senate, fought for the Reproductive Health bill along with Sen. Pia Cayetano, appointed by the UN as judge to the International Criminal Court (and the first Filipino in that position, might I add), and has written books about law, international relations, trade treaties, the Constitution…
Compared to Enrile who is responsible for 4000 deaths during the Martial Law era, had peaceful protesters arrested in the same time period, spends billions on dummy NGO’s and campaigns, has an obvious disregard for women and their rights… AND I THOUGHT MIRIAM WAS A LITTLE EXTREME?

*I have no patience for some social justice bloggers who think their rude, snappy, and sarcastic behaviour can be justified by their cause, oppression, what-have-you. Everyone is human- and if you don’t have the patience and humility to create a place of open discussion and debate, you’re no better than your oppressors.

*I die a little inside when someone refers to a person from the Philippines as a “Philippino”
FYI it’s




  I mean do you want me to start referring to Germans as Germanians or something. Or the French as Francians. Not entirely the same thing but I’m sure it’s just as painful to read.

*Attended an ambassador’s dinner party last night and all I did was stuff my face because social anxiety and I might stab myself with a fork if I had to engage in small talk.

*My fever feels like I have the blood of the dragons in me LOLJK feels more like the fires of Mordor Gollum

*I really don’t understand people’s disdain for Superman in this film. OK, granted they sort of overkilled it with the fight scenes and special effects and the story could’ve been better but one thing that struck me was Superman’s reaction after he finally killed General Zod.

He didn’t celebrate the killing of his “enemy”. Not even an iota of joy. In fact, he was devastated. Crushed. Some people say he was being “a wuss” for not killing him off when he had every chance to.
In most action/superhero films, there’s usually an “us vs them” mentality. It’s easier to exterminate the enemy when you just see them as “the other” or label them savages. In the movie, Superman identifies with “the enemy” and his struggles- he sees General Zod as his own kind, even with their differences in their moral compass. Which made it difficult  for him to just exterminate the enemy until the last minute he absolutely had to to protect the civilians who have nothing to do with their conflict. A true hero doesn’t rejoice at his enemy’s death because he knows both sides have suffered.
  I dunno, it’s not the best superhero movie but Superman’s reaction is worth thinking about.

*. Q: How would you like to be remembered?

A:  Like, post-death? As someone who always tried to follow beauty and light, even if it means immersing myself in the darkness. I would hate to be remembered as a nice, “saintly” person because that’s not who I am.  I mean, I want to do good things to the best of my abilities but I also want to be a genuine person. And being a genuine person sometimes means
-confronting the chaos and demons in my head
-questioning what people know and what they do,
-drawing the line,
-being a little bit selfish,
-not apologizing about stuff I shouldn’t apologize about
-and admitting I don’t know shit about a lot of things.
Sooo yeah. I hope Death doesn’t overshadow the fact that I’ve lived a “human” life.

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