Sunday, July 13, 2014

Notes From My Personal Life #41

      Even with the madness of school, thank goodness for the little projects that keep my sanity intact.

Here is a breakdown of my activities.:

Last Wednesday, Tito Romy invited me to record cover for Mizuho Tanaka's project (a Japanese DJ, sweet and talented girl). I don't know if I'll ever hear the final mix but hurrah for meeting new people! One of the songs we recorded was a song by Pitbull. It's not a simple song to record, thanks to the layers of harmonies and effects, and while we waited for the sound engineer to finish editing, he was like "pag makita ko 'tong Pitbull na 'to, sasapakin ko siya."

At Bellhaus Recording Studios

  It took a total of 3 hours to record and edit that just one song. Such is a normal occurence in recording sessions, depending what type of song you're working on. It was challenging but we had fun and just laughed off our mistakes. Wish I could speak Japanese. The producers thanked me for lending my talents and loved my singing. Domo arigato. I could've done better. They're so kind.

Tito Romy and Brian.
   After our session, they treated us to a huge dinner at this Korean barbecue place at Teatrino. I was so full that I couldn't remember my name.

*********   ******  ******

 A teeny preview of my official art website-slash-blog.

Web design by my lovely friend with mad graphic web design skillz, Tonichi Acenas.

 It's technically finished but being my overanalytical self, I'm trying to figure out other finishing touches to it. Cannot promise when I'll officially debut this in the online world but I will have a small art giveaway to celebrate when it happens. I AM EGGZITE

********    *******   ********

 I am surprised that people on Tumblr appreciate my poems. It's unsettling and awesome at the same time. I write terrible poems simply because I can. It also helps me calm down mentally and figure things out in my life. Sometimes it doesn't help me figure things out but others can seem to relate to what I had to say and they respond to it. My poetry doesn't necessarily come from my own experiences. Some of it are from other people's feelings, problems, dillemas, and struggles.

  I don't consider myself a writer, much less a poet. But writing helps me in a lot of ways since I can't really express myself well. Sure, I can be articulate if I'm presenting something I'm passionate about but if you ask me to express personal feelings about other things, I'd rather run into a burning building.

This is why I blog, paint, sing, and write silly poems.

If you want to read more poems, here is my Tumblr blog for it : Winged Affections.

*****   ************   *****

     On a totally unrelated note, my younger brother- the youngest in the family- will start college life this coming Monday and I have mixed feelings. Of course, I'm totally happy that he's all set for higher education. But I am also nervous because it's not exactly rainbows and unicorns. I wonder how he'll cope and I'm scared that he won't be able to tell who are bad company and who will keep his feet to the ground. I can only wish that he'll find good people and awesome professors.

One of my fave shots of me with my bro.
My bro is waaaay taller now but he's still his lovable self.

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